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We're very happy to finally announce that this project is currently being 
manufactured and should be shipping very soon.

The final release includes one disc featuring the entire album newly 
remastered, plus "'Aint Gonna Fight It" from Maranatha! 5, and "Happily 
Married Man" from Maranatha! Country Roundup. A second disc is also 
including for additional bonus material, including early home demo and live 
recordings from the days leading up to and just after the release of the 
first album. For the first time ever, fans will be able to hear Terry's 
early solo songwriting demos, as well as his performances with bands like 
Judge Rainbow and the Prophetic Trumpets, Good Shepherd, Jubal's Last Band.

Here is the final track list for the bonus disc.

1. Don't Light Your Own Fire (live) 1977, Daniel Amos . 4:11
2. Walking on the Water (live) 1977, Daniel Amos . 4:47
3. Katy* 3:15
4. Calvary Road (demo) 1971, Terry solo . 3:09
5. New Life (demo) 1972, Judge Rainbow & the Prophetic Trumpets . 3:20
6. Cardboard Scheme/Scarlet Staircase/Down Home* 3:37
7. Walkin With My Lord (demo) 1971, Terry with wife Debi . 2:27
8. Knock Knock (demo) 1972, Terry solo . :58
9. Heavenly Home (demo) 1972, Judge Rainbow & the Prophetic Trumpets . 2:11
10. Love Sings A Song In My Heart (demo) 1971, Terry solo . 1:50
11. Jesus Saved My Soul (demo) 1971, Good Shepherd . 3:45
12. Expressing faith in music* 3:35
13. Aint Gonna Fight It (demo) 1973, Jubal's Last Band . 3:54
14. The Lost Dogs record Ain't Gonna Fight It* 1:06
15. The Move/Jubal's Last Band* 1:56
16. Love Has Open Arms (demo) 1972, Terry and Debi with Judge Rainbow . 
17. Resurrection (Skeptics Song demo) 1972, Judge Rainbow & the Prophetic 
Trumpets . 2:18
18. Meal (demo) 1972, Terry solo . 2:36
19. The Name Daniel Amos* 3:37
20. Dear Captain/The Bible (demo) 1973, Jubal's Last Band . 5:51
21. William (demo) 1972, Judge Rainbow & the Prophetic Trumpets . 2:38
22. Al Perkins* 3:26
23. Freedom (Love In A Yielded Heart demo) 1973, Steve Baxter and Jubal's 
Last Band . 3:40
24. For Me To Live Is Christ (demo) 1972, Terry and Debi . 2:49
25. Jesus Is Still Crying For The World (demo) 1971 Terry solo 1:55
26. In Everything Give Him Thanks (live) 1975, Daniel Amos . 2:59

The collection also includes audio liner notes by Terry Taylor, and 
previously unpublished photos. Most of you that preordered will also 
receive an extra gift as a token of our appreciation for your support of 
this project. Also, keep an eye on the website for some sample sound clips 
and interview segment downloads!

We're currently preparing envelopes and postage while the project is being 
manufactured. This will allow us to most likely ship all preorders in one 
day.We realize that some of you may not remember if you ordered or not, so 
we created a list for you to check. Each person is listed one time for each 
CD ordered, so if someone ordered multiple copies, they are listed multiple 
times. Although this list is primarily for your use, please let us know if 
you see any potential errors - like your name listed too many times, or not 
at all even though you did order. If the mistake is simply with the list, 
we would most likely catch it while filling orders but it's best to be safe 
and make sure it's not an error with the actual order process. We don't 
want you getting charged too many times or thinking you ordered if you 

You can find the list here http://www.DanielAmos.com/preorders/da.html

Report any errors to audiori@danielamos.com .

Watch for more Deluxe Remastered Reissues to be coming in the future!



The new release from The Lost Dogs, The Lost Cabin And The Mystery Trees, 
is finished. Be sure to catch the Dogs on tour this summer and pick up a 
copy. As always, you can find the latest tour dates and other information 
at www.TheLostDogs.com . Upcoming tour dates include performances in 
Longview, TX, Bushnell, IL @ the Cornerstone Festival, Rensselaer, IN, 
Roxana, IL, Aurora, IL, Washington, PA, Baltimore, MD ,  Everett, WA, 
Bremerton, WA, Mountlake Terrace, WA , Winston, OR, Portland, OR, 
Sacramento, CA, Oakland, CA and San Bernardino, CA. We also encourage you 
to join the official Lost Dogs announcement list if you haven't already. 
The signup page can be found on the link below as well as on the main page 
of the Lost Dogs website.


And now a few words from Terry Taylor on the new album...

"Hindalong told me on the phone the other night that this may be the best 
record he's ever participated on. 'Really?' I said with a laugh. I was 
waiting for the punch line. It never came. I think he might be right... at 
least it's right up there. I got teary-eyed listening to the rough mixes 
when I got back home from Nashville - not because it was sad music, (in 
fact, a couple of tunes are screamingly funny) but because some great 
friends had come together and created a true thing of beauty. I hope you 
guys like it. We worked hard to make it happen, but believe me when I tell 
you that you're all worth it." - Terry Taylor


As always, thank you for your continued support of Terry Taylor, The Lost
Dogs, Daniel Amos, the Swirling Eddies and www.DanielAmos.com