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When Daniel Amos performed at Cornerstone 2000 six years ago, they did so 
in front of a glowing sea of flashing camcorder lights. Over the years, 
we've made several requests to get copies of some of those videos. To date, 
we've managed to get our hands on a total of three of these videos shot by 
fans of the C2K performance. There has to be more footage out there 
somewhere. If any of you have a tape filed away somewhere with even part of 
this show on it, please let us know. If you have a friend that has a tape, 
get them in contact with us. If you know a friend of a friend that knew 
someone that had an uncle whose gardener may have filmed the show, get a 
hold of them and tell them to contact us. Even if you only filmed part of 
the show, or don't think what you filmed turned out too good - get us a 
copy of the video anyway. Even a 5 minute clip can be helpful.. it can 
always be used as an edit piece if the other cameras weren't filming 
anything good at that moment.

Our hope is to edit together the best of the bootlegs into a nice DVD of 
the entire performance. We've already begun to work with what we have now, 
so don't delay. If we end up using your footage on the DVD, you will be 
listed in the credits.

We can use Hi8, VHS, MiniDV, Betacam SP, and other formats. Contact us if 
you have another format than what is listed here. Our email address is 
audiori@danielamos.com If you want to send us a tape, it can be sent to

DA C2K video
1939 Wentzville Pkwy PMB #301
Wentzville, MO 63385

Include the names of anyone that filmed the video.



The glowing reviews for both of these titles continue to pour in. The 30th 
Anniversary reissue is being called the best reissue that DA has ever had, 
and "The Lost Cabin and the Mystery Trees" is being called one of the best 
Lost Dogs albums ever from fans and professional reviewers. To read some of 
the comments and reviews about these releases, see the following two pages:

Daniel Amos 30th Anniversary Deluxe Reissue

"The Lost Cabin and the Mystery Trees"

Also, be sure to watch the following page for exclusive downloads of 
additional bonus material from the early days of Daniel Amos, and the years 
leading up to the formation of the band. (You can also get to the page from 
the link under the picture on the main page of DanielAmos.com )



As always, thank you for your continued support of Terry Taylor, The Lost
Dogs, Daniel Amos, the Swirling Eddies and www.DanielAmos.com