[danews]CStone and Mike Roe and Terry Taylor Tour Tidbits

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In an effort to simplify the Cornerstone 2003 schedule for those of you
attending, shows of interest may include:

Thursday, July 3:  

Come as A Child (featuring Terry Taylor, Theo Obrastoff, Mike Roe and
the Lost Dogs) on the Gallery State from 6:30 to 7:15;
Lost Dogs on the Gallery Stage from 7:30 to 8:30;
77's on the Gallery Stage from 10:00 to 11:00.

Friday, July 4:

Cornerstone 20th Birthday Bash on the Mainstage, featuring songs by the
77's, the Lost Dogs and Derri Daugherty.  The show begins at 5:45 pm and
all appearances are TBA the date of the show.


Still using that Swirling Eddies toothpaste?  Then you'll love this -
How about some of that famous Uncle Terry and Cousin Roe BBQ sauce on
those chops?  What's that you say?  Only if Terry will flip the burgers
and Roe will salt the steak?  Well, then...you got it.

>From August 1 through August 22, Terry and Mike will tour the country in
search of the ultimate backyard BBQ Bonanza!  Here is your chance to
invite the guys to your block party, your private or church picnic, or
your backyard bash!  As our heroes travel the country in search of the
ultimate burger, they'll be playing your get-together at a price that
can't be beat at Big Lots.  Here's the deal -- invite your friends,
invite your family, mow the lawn and set out the mosquito magnet, buy
the burgers and dogs, but save the sauce and the entertainment for us.
Not only will Terry and Mike play the event, they'll bring their own BBQ
sauce for you to sample.  Yup, Terry will man not only the guitar, but
also the grill.  Mike will sing and play Frisbee, perhaps at the same
time.  What more could you ask for?!?

Book your backyard party today for the most reasonable honorarium that
has been offered in years.  Now's your chance to have a private party
with Terry and Roe for less than what it generally costs to book one or
the other.  Although this will be a ton o' fun, we couldn't be more
serious about this offer -- it's ridiculous and you'll save a bundle.

The guys want to have fun this summer, and they want to you to be there.
What else do any of us have to do in August anyway?  We'll have
competitions (with great prizes) as to who can throw the best party and
who can provide the best accommodations.  We'll do our best to DAT
record each show and provide everyone that books a show with an
autographed copy of their show.  We'll leave some sauce for you and the
family and we'll daily post pictures of the madcapped hilarity on

Many dates have been booked already.  Please do not hesitate.  Call or
email today to book the Taylor and Roe summer backyard BBQ Bash and
Bonanza...it's, "the most professional show in (insert your backyard
here) tonight!"

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