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"When Everyone Wore Hats" Update!

Publisher's Graphics, the manufacturing company caring for the book 
portion of the "WEWH" project, has confirmed that the print and 
binding work on the project will be completed by June 15, 2002. It 
is possible that they may complete the job even earlier. The disc 
replication on each disc ("Songs of the Heart", "Songs of the Heart" 
acoustic and with new material, and the Story of Bud and Irma) has 
been completed and the insert sleeves have been ordered. As such, we 
anticipate that, prior to Cornerstone 2002, DanielAmos.com will be 
able to ship "WEWH" to all of those who pre-ordered the 
project. "WEWH" will also be available for pick-up and sale at 
Cornerstone. In the event you wish to retrieve your pre-ordered copy 
at the fest, please contact audiori@danielamos.com. Should we not 
hear from you, we will mail your book to you in late June. For those 
of you who did not pre-order "When Everyone Wore Hats", as mentioned 
above, it will be offered for sale at the Warm & Filled booth at 
Cornerstone 2002. Likewise, those promised t-shirts will receive the 
shirt with the order or may pick them up at the CStone booth.

Again, we profusely thank you for your patience and understanding 
with the many delays on this project. In an effort to continue to 
provide you, the fan, with quality service and to further ensure that 
such problems do not reoccur, we have determined that we will (a) no 
longer take pre-orders on any project; and (b) no longer seek outside 
direct business affiliations with remanufacturing or re-issue 
companies. Rather, through an independent network of investors and 
executive producers, Stunt Records and Daniel Amos are committed to 
the independent re-issue of classic tunes and release of new 
material. Subsequent to manufacture and our own distribution, it may 
be that we look for alternate distribution channels to better serve 
the artist. However, we pledge to press, print and release our own 
material in house and to make the music available to you first before 
outside distribution.

NEW ALBUM -- Terry Scott Taylor to Release "Little, Big"

In the spirit of caring for our own quality material, we are more 
than pleased to announce the upcoming release of Terry Scott Taylor's 
newest stylings -- "Little, Big." The album is a seven (7) song, 
fully produced studio ep. Artwork will be completed by the now 
resident graphic artist extraordinaire, Brian Heydn. Recording and 
production duties are being handled by not only Taylor but also Rob 
Watson ("Knowledge & Innocence," "Vox Humana").

In a recent telephone conversation, Terry informed, "The songs have 
been influenced by my recent work on the Silent Planet "Brian Wilson 
Tribute". The Lost Dogs did a tune for the album and I helped 
produce a few more cuts. As I was working with Brian's material, I 
began to write songs for possible inclusion on the upcoming Lost 
Dogs' album. But with the Dogs, we shifted the focus to a 
more 'prayer and worship' theme and the songs I had earlier written 
didn't seem to fit. So when JT and I began to discuss a new solo 
project, I was already more than half way home. The songs have a 
definite Beach Boys, Brian Wilson feel to them. I have a lot of 
excitement about this recording and am looking forward to completing 
it. There's a lot of energy here."

"Little, Big" will be released to the general public on Thursday, 
July 4, 2002, at the Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, IL. 
Thereafter, the recording will be available on www.danielamos.com and 
through other and various internet and retail outlets. No pre-orders 
will be taken and the disc, with full packaging, will sell for $12.00.

The album will be followed by a second (2nd) Terry Scott Taylor solo 
recording, "Big," in the early fall of 2002. That's right -- two (2) 
new Taylor solo discs will be released in the next six (6) months. 
It is now anticipated that the material found on "Little, Big," *will 
not* be replicated for or included on, "Big." "Big" will be a full 
length, fully produced studio album. Both will be featured in live 
performances by Terry Scott Taylor on the upcoming "True Alternative" 
tour (see below).

Other New Projects, Releases and Expectations

In other news, and to let you know just what is really happening 
behind the scenes, the good folks at DanielAmos.com and Warm & Filled 
Artist Management are completing the following projects. We hope to 
have a few available for sale at and after Cornerstone:

*Swirling Eddies, "Spittle and Phlegm" DVD (with bonus and 
professional SE concert footage);
*Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor's new, and as yet untitled, Telethon comedy 
*"Imaginarium Part 2: Mothman" (including songs from Mothman, 
Project Geekers, Goodie Bear and Koghrad and Meatus); and
*Daniel Amos, "Darn Floor, Big Bite" re-issue (pending legal 

Of course, this summer will also bring new Daniel Amos and Terry 
Taylor merchandise such as t-shirts, stickers and more.

The "True Alternative" Tour!

A revolutionary idea in the presentation of intelligent, adult 
alternative music. The "True Alternative" tour will feature solo 
sets by Michael Roe, Terry Scott Taylor and Derri Daugherty all 
performing new songs from their upcoming 2002 solo releases 
(Taylor's "Little, Big" and "Big," Roe's, "Say your Prayers," and 
Daugherty's yet untitled solo ep). Roe will open the show. As he 
finishes his set, Taylor will reach the stage and begin his show 
while accompanied by Roe. As Taylor ends his gig, Daugherty will 
begin his, accompanied by both Roe and Taylor. At the conclusion of 
Daugherty's set, all three will remain on stage for a full Lost Dogs' 
performance. All sets will feature brand new material as the Lost 
Dogs will also be releasing, on BEC Records, a new album this early 
fall to coincide with this tour. All solo, Lost Dogs and other band 
(77's, DA and Choir) merchandise will be available on this tour. 
Additionally, True Alternative merchandise, including compilation 
discs with alternate mixes, will be ready for sale.

The tour is being made available, at a *very* reasonable cost, to all 
interested promoters. This will be an extended tour crossing the 
greater part of the nation. Interested promoters wishing to book 
this complete show at substantial savings, should contact either JT 
(jt@77s.com) or Tim White (tim@wildwoodagency.com) for details. 
Promoters will be provided support from Wildwood Agency and Warm & 
Filled in the form of email blasts and announcements, tour posters, 
recorded radio spots, artist interviews, glossy photos, one sheets, 
full promotional packages, street team assistance and more. Tour 
dates are as follows:

September 20 through October 5, 2002 (16 dates in the Mountain States 
and Southern States);
October 18 through October 30, 2002 (13 dates in the Mid-West and 
possible East Coast); and
November 8 through November 10, 2002 (3 dates in the Pacific 

Cornerstone Appearances and Booth

We look forward to seeing you this year at Cornerstone 2002 in 
Bushnell, IL. For your convenience, Daniel Amos, Lost Dogs and Terry 
Scott Taylor sets are listed as follows:

Thursday, July 4:

Terry Taylor @ Acoustic Stage -- 3:15 pm (with Rob Watson)
Lost Dogs @ Acoustic Stage -- 6:25 pm
DA @ Cornerstone Stage -- 9:00 pm

Friday, July 5:

Brian Wilson Tribute @ Acoustic Stage -- 6:25 pm

Saturday, July 6:

Lost Dogs @ Gallery Stage -- 8:30 pm

As always, we appreciate your continued support and prayers. You are 
appreciated beyond articulation. Thank you and Godspeed.

Jonathan T. Feavel
Attorney at Law (and)
Warm & Filled Artist Management
325 Busseron Street
Vincennes, IN 47591
812.886.9230 (phone)
812.886.9161 (fax)