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After untold delays, disappointments and disputes, we are more than
pleased to announce that the second Daniel Amos Book Set, "When
Everyone Wore Hats," has arrived at www.DanielAmos.com. All reorders
have been filled and pre-order t-shirts will be sent in mid-July 
after receipt at Cornerstone. Although we intend to allow those that
pre-ordered the set a bit more time to enjoy it, fans may now 
order "Hats" on line at www.DanielAmos.com for the lower-than-
anticipated price of $35.00. New orders will begin to ship on or 
about June 30. Order received between July 1 and July 9 will ship on 
July 9 upon our return from Cornerstone Festival. Order yours today!

"When Everyone Wore Hats" is the second installment in the Daniel 
Amos Book Set series. Following the "Alarma! Chronicles," "Hats" 
features 100 pages of stunning photos, liner notes and the story of 
Bud and Irma Akendorf, as penned by Terry Scott Taylor. This three 
(3) disc set includes Terry's all new acoustic interpretations of the
classic "Songs of the Heart" tunes. Two (2) brand new songs were 
written by Taylor for the occasion and can be found on disc three 
(3), incorporated in to Terry's reading of the Akendorf story. An 
interview with Taylor, conducted by Starflyer 59's Jason Martin, is 
also found on the last disc.

As with "Alarma!," Brian Heydn lent his considerable art talents to 
the project. This book is identical in size to its counterpart and 
features a rigid card stock and matte photo finish cover. The discs 
are each contained within the body of the book.

Supplies will continue to be limited on each Book Set edition. 
Order yours today!


Recording, mixing and mastering of Terry Scott Taylor's new 6 song ep,
"LITTLE, big," have been completed. The project is presently being 
manufactured by Nashville Compact Disc. A release date of July 3, 
2002 was earlier confirmed by NCD. While the project will first be 
available at Cornerstone 2002, fans may begin to order "LITTLE, big" 
online at www.DanielAmos.com on July 1, 2002, for a price of $12.00. 
The disc will then begin to ship on July 9, 2002, upon return from 
Cornerstone Festival.

Artwork was completed by the now resident graphic artist 
extraordinaire, Brian Heydn. Recording and production duties were 
handled by not only Taylor but also Rob Watson ("Knowledge & 
Innocence," "Vox Humana"). The project may best be described as a 
marriage of the personal subject matter and production of "Knowledge 
and Innocence," and the guitar stylings and alt-country flavor 
of "Avocado Faultline." "LITTLE, big" features some of the best 
artwork, liner notes and musical ingenuity of Taylor's long and 
stellar career.

Tracks include:

Molly is a Metaphor
Lovely Lilly Lou
Sweet Companion
Rob's and Carolee's
Momma's in the Desert, Daddy's in the Sky


"Spittle and Phlegm" on DVD. Make sure to hide it from your mother!
Don't let anyone know that you own it on Video AND DVD! Its scary, 
but true, and coming to a Warm & Filled store near you -- "Spittle and
Phlegm" on DVD. With bonus material -- Terry Taylor and Pat Robertson
at Cornerstone, and more!!! Thanks to Steve Johnson and the Brothers
Townsend, this classic has been edited, chaptered, restored and made
bigger, better and, well...even more Eddie-ish. The DVD will be
available at Cornerstone and on line at www.DanielAmos.com. Again, 
fans may order the DVD immediately; however, the package will not 
ship until after our return on July 9, 2002.


Terry Taylor, DA and the Lost Dogs all have full Cornerstone Festival
schedules this year. Please drop by and say hello to the band:

Terry Scott Taylor: Acoustic Stage performance @ 3:15 pm on 
July 4, 2002.
Daniel Amos: Cornerstone Stage performance @ 9:00 pm on July 4, 2002.
Lost Dogs: Acoustic Stage performance @ 6:25 pm on July 4, 2002.
Lost Dogs: (As part of the Brian Wilson Tribute) @ the Acoustic 
Stage @ 6:25 pm on July 5, 2002.
DA and Lost Dogs: Press Tent Interviews @ 2:30 pm on July 6.
Lost Dogs: Gallery Stage performance @ 8:30 pm on July 6.

***Also, a special event with Theo Obrastoff and Terry Scott Taylor
presenting the premier of Come As A Child Or Not At All is planned. 
A 30 minute musical performance and movie screening is anticipated on
Wednesday evening at the Flickerings area of Cornerstone. Please
visit the Warm & Filled booth for further fest details***

As usual, the Warm & Filled booth in the main exhibition tent will 
carry a complete Daniel Amos, Terry Taylor, Swirling Eddies and Lost
Dogs product line including both new (albums and t-shirts) and classic
material. Please stop by -- you may find something you have been
looking for!

LIFEST UPDATE (JULY 11-14, 2002)

The weekend following Cornerstone, July 13 and 14, Michael Roe, DA, 
the Swirling Eddies and the Lost Dogs will be performing at Lifest --
Sunnyview Fairgrounds, Oshkosh. 800-955-LIFE www.lifest.com. There
will be over 100 artists on 6 diverse stages, plus dozens of 
activities and speakers!

For a complete listing and schedule, visit their web site at
www.lifest.com. Tickets may be purchased as follows: 

* Call 800-955-LIFE and place your credit card order over the phone.

* Go on-line at www.lifest.com. Print off the order form, fill it out
and send it in with your payment. 

* Go to one of the many bookstore outlets listed on the web site!

* Go to www.itickets.com. Click on Lifest and order securely over the
net with your credit card.

* By the way, get your tickets before June 30th and save a few bucks!

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