[danews]Cornerstone Leftovers

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Sun, 1 Sep 2002 22:50:00 -0500

From:  audiori@DanielAmos.com 
Date:  Tue Jul 11, 2000  6:05 pm

Howdy folks, 

Cornerstone was a blast! By far the most fun we have had at the 
festival in all of the years that we've been attending. We're glad 
that so many of you stopped by the Warm&Filled table to say hello. 

We have some DA/TST/Dogs Tshirts left over for those of you that 
didn't make it to the festival... check out the DA webstore for scans 
of the artwork. We have a limited number left - so don't delay! 
We've also added a number of CDs including The Lost Dogs' "Goft 
Horse", DA's "Horrendous Disc", and Terry's "Glimpses of Grace". 

Terry's latest solo project "Avocado Faultline" is now available 
through Silent Planet Records (order online at 
http://www.SilentPlanetRecords.com) and will also be available 
throught the DA webstore soon. 

We'll have more details about the Cstone shows soon... as well as 
some video clips, set lists, etc. 

Take care, 
the townsends @ DanielAmos.com