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From:  audiori@DanielAmos.com 
Date:  Sun Jul 2, 2000  2:57 pm

Well kids, 

It's just a couple of days until we will head to Bushnell, Illinois 
for the Cornerstone music festival. We hope that a lot of you will be 
there too. Here's DA's schedule: 

Wednesday July 5, 2000:
The Lost Dogs at Cornerstone 2000, Bushnell, IL (Gallery Stage) 
Terry Taylor, Derri Daugherty and Mike Roe return to the festival as 
the Lost Dogs, playing tunes from their newest album on BEC, "Gift 
Horse" and other classics.
For directions and other information visit www.CornerstoneFestival.com

Thursday July 6, 2000:
Daniel Amos at Cornerstone 2000, Bushnell, IL (Gallery Stage) 
DA's first appearance at Cornerstone (and their first full length 
concert) in seven years. The band will be Terry Taylor, Greg Flesch, 
Tim Chandler, and Ed McTaggart - with guests. Lots of rarely 
performed songs are being rehearsed.
For directions and other information visit CornerstoneFestival.com.

Saturday July 8, 2000:
Terry Taylor & Friends at Cornerstone 2000, Bushnell, IL (Silent 
Planet Acoust Stage)
Terry performs a special concert at the Acoustic Stage in celebration 
of the release of his fourth solo album, "Avocado Faultline". As the 
newest and brightest star in the Silent Planet Galaxy, Terry will 
have the last slot of the afternoon, after Phil Madeira's. For 
directions and other information visit CornerstoneFestival.com.

Terry will also be helping at the Gene Eugene Tribute on Friday 
(Midnight, July 7) at the Gallery Stage. Other contributors include 
Derri Daugherty of the Choir, Mike Roe of the 77s, Mike Knott, and 
Adam Again. 

Warm & Filled management will have a booth at the festival, with 
quite a few brand new DA/77s items for sale, including the following: 

*Terry Taylor "Avocado Faultline" t-shirt [avocado and orange on 
black] in L and XL.

*Avocado Faultline (100 units) and corresponding post cards.

*John Wayne.

*Knowledge & Innocence.

*Glimpses of Grace.

*Perhaps a small quantity of Ten Gallon Hat & Mr. Flutter.

*Daniel Amos "Alarma! Chronicles" t-shirt [blue/green and white on 
black] in L and XL.

*Alarma! Chronicles Book Set. 

*When Worlds Collide, Part One (A Tribute To Daniel Amos) [Featuring 
DA classics performed by the 77s, Randy Stonehill, Starflyer 59, 
Larry Norman, Jimmy A, Brian Healy, The Throes and others. Available 
July 5th]

*Swirling Mellow/Meat the Farm Beetles (150 units).

*Songs of the Heart.

*Horrendous Disc.


*Preachers from Outer Space.

*Live Bootleg `82.



*Our Personal World Favorite Hits.

*Perhaps various other small quantities of back catalog.


*t-shirts [black and white on black] in L and XL.

*Gift Horse.

*Diamonds to Coal/Blessing in Disguise Radio Promotional Disc.

*Best of Lost Dogs.

*Green Room Serenade, Part I.

*Promotional pictures/glossies.

*Album flats. 

Whatever is left over will be added to the DA Webstore at 
www.DanielAmos.com by July 10th. 

DA webstore orders are being filled before we leave for all items 
except "Ruckus at the Edge of Nowhere", and "Spittle & Phlegm". 
"Spittle & Phlegm" will be shipped separately. 
"Ruckus at the Edge of Nowhere" is on backorder, and will also be 
shipped separately. 
We apologize for the unexpected delay. 

When we return from Cornerstone, we hope to put up some temporary 
video clips of DA's performance (and maybe some of Terry's solo show 
and the Lost Dogs) at the site. 

That's all for now... 
The Townsends @ DanielAmos.com