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Hello folks! We're excited to announce that the first part of the preorder
funds are on their way to Camarillo and the rest of the Eddies. . We're
told that Camarillo and members of the Eddies have already been hard
at work on songs for the future release.

This is going to be the beginning of a very exciting time for all of us. It
is in
many ways like starting over. There have been a lot of problems in the past
that kept things running very slowly and caused many delays with nearly
every project that was released. We still have some problems of the past
to fix, but almost all of these issues are behind us and we're looking
to bringing you some exciting things in the future.

We wanted to take this time to answer some of the questions that we've
been receiving from preorderers.

(Preorders are still being accepted at http://www.danielamos.com ! )

Q: Is there a scheduled release date for this project?

A: This is one of the traps we're trying not to fall into with this release.
Camarillo has already started working on the new release - but, obviously,
it all depends on how fast the money falls into place. We don't expect it to
take too long for this project to be finished, but we don't want to tell you
that it will be out at a certain time because we really don't know at the

We hope to update everyone (especially the preorder folks) with pics and
news about the project as soon as we have it. (In addition to the preorder
exclusive EP)

Q: What exactly will be on the EP?

We don't know. Camarillo said it would be fun to put it together for you
folks, so I'm sure the band will come up with something unique and

Q: We thought that it had been announced that there were going to be no
more preorders?

A: That decision was made by Warm&Filled following a string of really bad
luck with various preorder in the pasts. In several cases, things were set
to happen a certain way (specific release date, etc) and then - for whatever
reason - they didn't happen that way. Understandably, many preorderers
got pretty upset about some of that stuff and we weren't too happy about it
either  (like the year-long wait on "Prickly Heat Radio Players.") Well, now
that Warn&Filled is no longer managing the guys, we're faced with the
problem of figuring out how to finance future releases... we plan to
get away from having to do preorders, but at this moment - theres no other
way that things like this can get released.

We got a lot of feedback from folks about preorders before we did the
Anaheim DVD, and the general feeling was that no one really had a problem
with preorders in general. It was more the disappointment of not getting
everything that was originally announced or getting it a year late. We agree
with that feeling ourselves, and have for a long time. The reason that
happened that way in the past are numerous and go way beyond what I
can easily or quickly explain here, but since *we've* been handling the
preorders ourselves, we've been trying to make sure everything goes
correctly and as smoothly as possible.(The Anaheim DVD was released
on time, etc... we did have a few snags with that one... for example, both
the box of DVD discs and the box of artwork were delivered to the wrong
houses in town... it too us a little extra time having  to track them down).

There's always a chance of a delay or problem that will come up
unexpectedly with *any* release, but we're trying to make sure that we
don't get into another situation like the way the "Prickly Heat Radio
preorders went. In that situation, we were in the same place that a lot of
were in.  waiting for a year on the CDs to arrive. Additionally, we had a
very difficult time getting updates ourselves, which made it hard to get
updates to you. With this and other future preorders, we will immediately
post updates on the DA Webstore  page, the DA News list, the DADL,
the DanielAmos.com news page and the message board.

What it comes down to is this - projects like this would not happen at all
without preorders. This album, like Buechner's, will happen because you
make it happen.

Q: What will be the band line-up?

A: This is primarily up to Camarillo, transportation, studio time and all of
the Eddies' personal schedules. I think Camarillo's hoping to do a "regular"
Eddies record with the regular line-up, and. maybe a guest Eddie or two...
but it all depends on how it works out. For some band members, we're
going to have to set up flights to and from various locations so the guys
can record together.

Q:  Will this be an entirely comedy or novelty record like "Sacred Cows?"

A: This should be a "regular" Eddies release - more along the lines of
"Let's Spin!," "Outdoor Elvis" and "Zoom Daddy."

Q:  I want to preorder, but can't afford to right away. How long will
pre-orders be taken?

A: We're not entirely sure about this.  Obviously, we'll have to take them
until certain financial goals are met and we're still have a way to go
that happens. Once we know for sure, we'll give everyone a date that
preorders will stop.

Q: Will preorders be numbered and/or autographed?

A: We don't know yet. Its always fun to offer autographed copies to
preorderers, but sometimes this just adds further delays or complications
to getting something released quickly. Our primary goal is to get this
album released and shipped to preorderer as quickly as possible s.

Have other questions that have not yet been answered here?
Send us an email at audiori@danielamos.com