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Immediately following the massive success of their pop crossover hit release
"Sacred Cows," the Swirling Eddies retired to the island retreat they had
purchased with the well-earned fortunes acquired from that ever popular
album. At the time, it seemed like the perfect way for the Eddies to go out
with a bang - O, and what a glorious bang it was. Nevertheless, the Eddies
soon found themselves longing once again for human contact and the love
and adoration that life in the limelight had always brought them.

Sure they had started up friendships with the various pelicans and the many
turtles of the island, but that just wasn't the same. Plus, it seems that
just don't appreciate the Eddies music the way the human fans do. For
starters, they didn't always have to tie the human fans to a pole to make
them listen, and the human fans only occasionally tried to pull their heads,
arms and legs inside their hardened outer shells. Additionally, the numerous
double albums and feature films the Eddies created targeting the turtle and
bird population ended up being a major financial disappointment.

Therefore my friends, it seems the only audience that would actually
appreciate some new Eddies music would be the Swirling Eddies human fans.

Camarillo and the rest of the Swirling Eddies have decided to treat you -
their human fans - to a new full length Swirling Eddies album, with an added
Bonus to those that preorder now at the price of $20 per CD. Those that
preorder the album now will receive a special one of a kind password to a
secret website page which will contain an exclusive downloadable Swirling
Eddies EP, featuring demos, rough mixes and other unique "works in progress"
tracks from the upcoming album, before it is released. (Note: The password
and link will be sent at a later date, when the "works in progress" tracks

Individuals that preorder 500 or more copies will receive a special, gold
chicken size replica of the original Let's Spin! Tour bus - hand painted and
chiseled in marble (or whatever material is available at the time) by
himself (while supplies last, and the good Lord willin').

Fun is guaranteed for all!! Preorder Now - lets get the Eddies back in the

http://www.SwirlingEddies.com   or    http://www.danielamos.com

*The proceeds from the preorders will actually be used to produce the
new album. The Swirling Eddies would like to thank you for your continued
support.The release date for the New Swirling Eddies album in undetermined
at this point. Updates will be as frequent as possible. Keep watching the
DA News list, the DADL, the DA message board and the DanielAmos.com
News page for more information about this project and other special