[danews]DA Official Auctions!

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Wed, 29 Jan 2003 20:09:23 -0600

We are pleased to announce Official Auctions 
from the Daniel Amos Archives! 

Own a piece of DA history, direct from the personal 
archives of lead singer / songwriter, Terry Scott Taylor! 

The first item up for bid is a "Mr Buechner's Dream" collector's box, 
including two cassette tapes in a gift box, and a personal letter from 

Tape one includes 90 minutes of Terry's early acoustic, 1-track home 
demo recordings, featuring rough lyric ideas, and production notes for 
many of the songs that would eventually end up on Daniel Amos' epic 
release, "Mr Buechner's Dream". You will be able to hear how Terry's 
musical ideas evolve, as lyrics and chord progressions take shape. 
You may even discover a song idea or two that did not make the 
final cut. 

Tape two serves as a bridge between tape one and the completed final 
album, including just under 90 minutes of music from the very first 
recording sessions at the legendary Green Room. Here you will hear 
unedited, rough, studio versions of the songs, most of which are 
performed by the full band and include Terry's Scratch "guide" vocals 
and occasional musical directions.

Experience the making of the album that has been called "one of the 
best alternative-pop albums of 2001" (The Encyclopedia of 
Contemporary Christian Music), and DA's "best work yet" (The 
Phantom Tollbooth). These rare recordings will not be available in 
their entirety elsewhere. If you win this auction, you alone will own 
this incredible collection, which will make you the envy of DA fans 

Click on the following link (or paste it into your browser) to bid: