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Date:  Tue Jul 30, 2002  1:37 am



Hot on the heels of Terry Taylor and DA's recent releases, 
"LITTLE, big" and "When Everyone Wore Hats," we are 
announcing the release of two very special, very limited 
edition releases available only at www.danielamos.com:

*"The Prickly Heat Radio Players" (featuring all new 
broadcasts from Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor, Arthur Fhardy, 
and Rabbi Aaron Bergman); and 
*"Random Acts and Hodgepodge," by Terry Scott Taylor.

Both are limited edition releases. Neither will be offered 
for sale at any other establishment, internet or otherwise. 
Each will be hand numbered and signed by Terry Scott Taylor 
(and, for "The Prickly Heat Radio Players," Rob Watson). 
The unit number you receive will be related to your order 
placement; that is: the first individual to order will 
receive unit #1, the second individual to order will receive 
unit #2, and so on. Each pressing of the individual 
releases will be limited to the number of fans ordering the 
disc. No additional copies will be made, ever. Both 
projects are now completed, mastered and ready for 
manufacturing. However, the number of units pressed will 
be wholly dependent upon the number of units sold prior to 
manufacturing. While we have recently made the decision to 
discontinue pre-orders of general releases (new and reissue),
in order to determine the size of each exclusive disc's 
pressing, we will offer the releases for sale BY PRE-ORDER 

"The Prickly Heat Radio Players" is a full length, full art, 
jewel case release featuring the relevatory musings, 
questionable theology and award winning fund raising antics 
of the good Doctor himself. The disc also features an in 
depth interview with Arthur Fhardy, interrogated, I mean, 
interviewed, by Doc Edward himself. A madcapped misadventure 
in mind boggling metaphysical musings brought to you as only 
Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor can...in all his full glory. Learn 
of the Doctor's new books, fiction and non-fiction, his 
recent escapades, his ministry opportunities and musical 
references. Listen as Rabbi Arron Bergamn joins the hip-hop 
explosion of the "Plain White Wrappers." Need I say more. 
While sure to appeal to fans of industrial metal yodeling, 
this release is for everyone! Produced by Taylor and Rob 
Watson. Order your copy today!

"Random Acts and Hodgepodge" features material penned by 
Taylor and unavailable anywhere else! For fans of the 
various musical stylings of Taylor, the disc showcases 
unreleased material which will not be featured on any other 
project in any other form at any other time. Of particular 
interest are the "Starter Set" demos written, recorded and 
produced by Terry Scott Taylor and Starflyer 59's Jason 
Martin. Also highlighted are songs written by Terry for BMG 
Music (songs different from those released on the Avocado 
Club Disc One), new material (some co-written by the Choir's 
Steve Hindalong) and more! This collector's project brings 
together in one unique recording Terry's unreleased country, 
pop, alt.prog, and praise offerings. This full length 
recording will be housed in a protective sleeve with 

The store at www.danielamos.com will list each new exclusive 
and limited offering for sale for a period of only 30 days. 
After the 30 day pre-order period, sales will be discontinued, 
no exceptions. Both projects will then be manufactured on 
the 1st day of September, 2002. All orders will be shipped on 
or before the 30th day of September, 2002.

Each project is available for a price of $15.00. Orders may 
be placed beginning at 5:00 pm (Central) on the 30th of 
July, 2002. Order today. Once the 30 day pre-order 
window is closed, it will not be reopened. No additional 
units will be pressed for later sale. Stunt exclusives 
such as these releases are just that, exclusive and limited. 
As we begin again to renew the Stunt Records label, it is 
our sincere hope and desire to release at least one such 
rare collectible each year.

As always, your friendship, support and loyalty enables us 
to continue in this endeavor. Thank you.

Jonathan T. Feavel (JT)
Feavel Law Office and
Warm & Filled Artist Management
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Vincennes, IN 47591
812.886.9230 (phone)
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