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2nd Annual 77's and Daniel Amos Mid-Winter Webstore Sale --

Last year we began a grand tradition of a once-a-year, mid-winter 
webstore sale at 77s.com and Danielamos.com. This year 
theLostDogs.org will also join the price roll back. The 77's, DA and 
the Lost Dogs will feature a one month sale on all items in stock at 
each webstore. EVERY item will be marked down 20%! This sale is 
only available at our websites (www.77s.com, www.DanielAmos.com and 
www.theLostDogs.org). The sale will run throughout the month of 
February and availability on any item is first come/first serve. As 
mentioned, every in-stock item has been reduced. The sale is not 
available for special order items and out-of-stock merchandise. 
Order that item you've been putting off today! Stock selections 
include Michael Roe's newly re-issued "DayDream," Daniel Amos' double 
disc epic, "Mr. Buechner's Dream," the 77's, "A Golden Field of 
Radioactive Crows," and many, many more.

Cornerstone 2002 Festival, Bushnell, IL --

For those of you still open for suggestions as to summer vacation 
plans, we suggest Cornerstone 2002 in Bushnell, IL! The 77's, 
Michael Roe, Daniel Amos, Terry Scott Taylor, and the Lost Dogs have 
all been confirmed for the July festival. As usual, the Cornerstone 
festival will take place at the JPUSA/Cornerstone Farm in Bushnell, 
IL during the first week of July, 2002. As specific dates and stages 
are confirmed, details will be posted to all Warm & Filled and artist 
websites (as well as the official Cornerstone website -- 
www.cornerstonefestival.com). Your favorite artists and Warm & 
Filled will have a major presence at the fest and you can visit us at 
our booths in the main Exhibition tent just across from the food 
vendors and the volleyball courts.

MichaelRoe.com to Launch --

On February 14, 2002, www.MichaelRoe.com will launch! Of course, you 
have come to expect only the highest quality and best maintained 
websites from the Warm & Filled family of artists. Any you have come 
to expect lively debates and intelligent exchanges of ideas on the 
related bulletin boards and live webchats. MichaelRoe.com will 
exceed your expectations and more! While MichaelRoe.com will feature 
the customary product updates, live show details, discography, 
biography and related information, the website will also be haunted 
by Roe himself. Designed as a website by which Roe would interact 
with the fans, it will include not only a bulletin board service, but 
also Roe's pictures, quotes, articles, and musings of the week. 
Regular webchats with Roe will be held and direct communication 
between Roe and the fans will be encouraged by all. Michael himself 
has had a major hand in the design and structure of the site and 
recently indicated his excitement regarding the launch. Says 
Roe, "For a long time I've wanted a website where I can add a 
personal touch -- quotes, internet articles of interest, pictures of 
the week, and all that. I've wanted something that is personal to me 
and which I can share with the fans. I like the idea of real 
contact. This is going to be *my* website!"

And that's not all! One of the site's focal points will be it's 
extensive Michael Roe bootleg catalog! That's right, years and years 
of high quality ADAT recordings and bootlegs of Michael's solo shows 
have been cataloged by date, venue, city, state and song. Through 
the webstore at www.MichaelRoe.com, fans will be able to purchase 
their favorite bootleg by show, tour or song. If you want a 
particular show -- you've got it! If you want a particular song (or 
various versions of that same song) -- you've got it! If you want to 
make your own bootleg containing your favorite songs from many shows -
- you've got it! It's this simple -- browse the archives and 
catalogs, tell us what show, shows or songs you want to purchase, and 
we will burn an exclusive CD-R for you, complete it with artwork and 
track listing, and mail it to you from our webstore. New bootlegs 
will be added each month as the archives grow. Both private and 
public recordings will be featured! Been looking for that specific, 
elusive bootleg for years? Look no further than MichaelRoe.com -- 
launching in mid-February, 2002.

77's and Daniel Amos Sign Internet Distribution Agreement with Paste -

We are both honored and pleased announce that Paste Music 
(www.pastemusic.com) will be distributing all new material by both 
Daniel Amos and the 77's. Under separate agreement with BEC Records, 
Paste has also begun to distribute the Americana stylings of the Lost 
Dogs. Of particular import to both the Sevens and DA is that Paste 
is a mainstream market distributor, thus affording us general market 
opportunities and exposure. While we encourage all fans to first 
shop at our webstores, Paste Music will provide distribution to 
potential new fans, those unfamiliar with our websites and others. 
Check out www.pastemusic.com.

Additionally, we've always said that we won't "sell" your email 
addresses and we will continue to abide by that promise. However, as 
we have solidified our internet distribution agreement with Paste, we 
will need to share with them all email addresses from folks and fans 
interested in Paste Music, the other artists they distribute and our 
artist's news and marketing through Paste. Paste will send you all a 
welcome letter, and likely add you to their lists so that you'll get 
weekly updates from them. They're an excellent, honest general 
market company that has a great inventory of music (including 
Americana, Rock, Jazz, Pop, Bluegrass and more) and you can 
unsubscribe from their email list at any time if you later change 
your mind. Now, if you DO NOT WANT THIS, don't do anything and your 
name and email address WILL NOT be provided to Paste. Otherwise, if 
you are interested, please send an email to Eric and Jason Townsend 
at audiori@danielamos.com and let them know of your interest and we 
will provide your name and email address to Paste. As a personal 
note of encouragement, please know that the more fans interested in 
joining the Paste email list the better our initial marketing and 
exposure -- the more names we can provide, the more marketing and 
advertisement Paste will provide.

The Lost Dogs to Be Featured in Movie and On Soundtrack --

The Lost Dogs song "Golden Dreams" from their latest BEC 
release, "Real Men Cry," will be featured in the upcoming motion 
picture "Joshua", starring F. Murray Abraham (who received an Oscar 
for his work in the film "Amadeus"). "Joshua" is set to release this 
Spring on over 1,200 screens. The song will also be on the "Joshua" 
movie soundtrack, which will be released on March 5, 2002 through 
Word Records. The Dogs will be featured alongside Amy Grant, Michael 
W. Smith, Phil Keaggy, Jaci Velasquez and others including yet-to-be-
named country music stars.

Our Friends, The Choir, Have Been Nominated for a Grammy --

Innovative and influential Christian rock band The Choir received 
their first Grammy nomination ever on Friday January 4th 2002, 
announced as part of the Recording Academy's 44th Annual Grammy 
Awards Nominee Announcement. Their latest album, Flap Your Wings, is 
being considered for Best Rock Gospel Album, along with Solo by DC 
Talk, T-Bone's The Last Street Preacha, a live album by Big Tent 
Revival, and Sonicpraise by Sonicflood.

Although the group has been recording for almost twenty years, this 
is the first time they have been recognized by the Recording Academy. 
Their previous release, Free Flying Soul, won the Gospel Music 
Association's Dove Award for Best Modern Rock Album in 1997. Flap 
Your Wings was released independently by the group's own Galaxy21 
Music, and is available online at www.thechoir.net and at retail 
outlets nationwide. The album, the band's tenth full-length recording 
and the debut album for the label, was met with critical praise and 
garnered grassroots support nationally.

While it isn't yet understood how the album placed out front for the 
voting members of the academy, the band is both overwhelmed and 
grateful for the nomination after twenty years of toiling under the 
radar. "What a complete shock! said lead singer and guitarist Derri 
Daugherty. "It's hard to believe this happened". "What a great 
surprise," adds drummer and lyricist Steve Hindalong. "Sure, it's 
pure lunacy...We all realize that. Flap Your Wings is pretty much 
Indy. No budget, really. Just 16 tracks of ADAT. A couple of 
weekends and a few scattered days in Derri's basement. A Grammy 
nomination?! Hmmm. Mystifying. Anyhow, we're proud of the album. 
Hopefully more people will check it out now."

Michaels expressed 'wild astonishment when he heard the announcement, 
adding that the band is "indebted to those who voted to nominate this 
record as it gave me hope that there are people that listened and 
cared about this quiet release. I'm proud of this record and feel it 
is among our best work, but could never have imagined that it would 
be nominated for such an honor."

Our Friend, Riki Michele, Releases a New Album --

Adam Again member and solo artist Riki Michele has just released a 
new album entitled "Surround Me." This disc, her third, was produced 
and engineered by Julian Kindred (The Choir, City On A Hill), and 
features appearances and contributions from Steve Hindalong (The 
Choir), Mark Byrd (Common Children), Tim Chandler (Daniel Amos / The 
Choir), Kevin Robinson (Viva Voce and Francis), James Gregory 
(Bullets Of Orange) and others. 

"Surround Me" is a classy-funk, chill-out, electro-soul party, 
blending elements of trip-hop, dub, funk, soul and ethereal pop. Riki 
has always been known for exploring progressive music with a soulful, 
funky beat, and this latest effort finds her mining new territory 
once again. Fans of Everything But The Girl, Dido, Sade, Esthero, 
Bill Withers, Kate Bush and Ian Pooley will find plenty to love 
with "Surround Me."

Online e-zine THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH has praised the album, with such 
wonderful press material copy as: "... this is a perfect album, there 
is not one thing wrong with it... [Riki] has a voice that is pure, 
sweet and sensual all at the same time... It has the kind of vibe 
that forces you to want to move around." 5 tocks (out of 5)
Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock

The album is currently being shopped for a major label deal, but in 
the meantime, music fans in the know can find the CD at her web site: 

As always, thank you for your support, prayers and encouragement. 
Please direct questions and comments to JT.

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