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Date:  Thu Jun 8, 2000  9:43 am


ON JULY 4, 2000.

The long awaited, much anticipated Daniel Amos Tribute, When Worlds 
Collide, has been confirmed for a July 4, 2000 release! The first 
disc in what is expected to be a two disc set will initially be made 
available at Cornerstone 2000 at the Warm & Filled/Daniel Amos 
product booth in the exhibition tent. This release boasts over 
seventy (70) minutes of Daniel Amos and Terry Scott Taylor classics 
covered by some of the best artists of this and past decades. While 
each of the "covers" is unmistakably Taylor, each artist provides a 
fresh, new and individual interpretation to those songs which have 
meant so much to us for so long. Contributing artists include the 
77's, Jimmy A, Phil Madeira, Starflyer 59, Randy Stonehill, Larry 
Norman, Bill Campbell, the Throes and many, many more!

Executive Producers and Coordinators, Eric and Jason Townsend, have 
indicated that all profits from the sale of When Worlds Collide will 
be used to benefit Compassion International and Compassion USA. For 
further information, soundclips, photos and more, visit 
www.danielamos.com or the official website 
http://members.tripod.com/~tstaylor/indexwwc.html. As with any 
Daniel Amos or Terry Scott Taylor related product, When Worlds 
Collide will soon be available for sale at www.danielamos.com. A 
decision has not yet been made to "limit" the availability of this 
release; however, we expect that initial demand will be strong. To 
ensure your receipt from the first pressing, please stop by our booth 
at Cornerstone or place an order via the website in early July, 2000.

The track listing and order of When Worlds Collide, Part One, 
featuring the artwork of Doug TenNapel, is as follows:

1. I Love You #19 (Rick Altizer)
2. William Blake (Erin Echo with Bobby Mittan of the Ocean Blue)
3. Shotgun Angel (77's)
4. Alarma! (Phil Madeira)
5. Stone Away (Robert Heirendt of Frolic)
6. Shedding The Mortal Coil (Starflyer 59)
7. Hell Oh (Jeff Elbel and Ping)
8. Strange Animals (Street Angel)
9. Beautiful One (Randy Stonehill)
10. The Pool (JAP)
11. Hold Back The Wind, Donna (Sideways8 (Jerry Davison of 
Jacob's Trouble))
12. Blowing Smoke (Jimmy A)
13. Through The Speakers (Dead Artists Syndrome (Brian Healy 
with Eric Clayton of Savior Machine))
14. Real Girls (Joy Gewalt)
15. Incredible Shrinking Man (Truck (Douglas TenNapel))
16. The Hound of Heaven (Larry Norman)
17. It's The 80's (Poole)
18. (Out of) the Wild Wood (The Throes)

We look forward to seeing you at Cornerstone!

Jonathan T. Feavel (JT)
Warm & Filled Management
207 South 4th Street
Vincennes, IN 47591

Please visit www.77s.com.
Please visit www.danielamos.com.