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June 2, 2000 (Minneapolis, MN) - Silent Planet Records 
announces the signing of Terry Scott Taylor.

Terry Scott Taylor is considered one of the most prolific 
and critically acclaimed songwriters performing today. 
He is well known for his work as a solo artist and as the main 
writer, vocalist and producer for The Lost Dogs and Daniel Amos. 
Now, Terry has signed a multi-album deal with the acoustic-based 
Silent Planet label, as he embarks on a new journey 
with a brand new record and focus.

The new CD, entitled Avocado Faultline, was produced and mixed by 
multi-instrumentalist Phil Madeira (who has worked with Pierce 
Pettis, Rich Mullins, Alison Krauss, Phil Keaggy & Vigilantes of 
Love) and mastered by Buddy Miller (known for his work with Emmy Lou 
Harris). The album includes performances by Steve Hindalong, Jimmy 
A, Rikki Michele, Phil Madeira and others.

Avocado Faultline is an acoustic based project that will appeal not 
only to Terry's existing fan base but also to a whole new audience 
that may not be familiar with his earlier work. The music is a unique 
blend of pop, rock, Americana, and country. The album is highlighted 
by heartfelt lyrics and songs that have a great mix of intelligent 
artistic expression and commercial accessibility -- those very 
qualities which recently landed Terry a position as a BMG 
Entertainment songwriter. Avocado Faultline will be released in July 
with a special performance at the Cornerstone Festival and an 
official street date of Tuesday, July 25th.

Label director Tony Shore commented on the signing saying, "Both 
Steve West (Label President) and myself are very excited to be 
working with Terry Taylor and to have an artist of this caliber on 
the label. He fits perfectly with our vision to combine art and 
spiritual truths. Terry and I have known each other for a long time, 
and when I found out that he wanted to do a more acoustic based 
project, I knew it would be perfect for Silent Planet. We feel that 
this is some of his best work and has the most potential of anything 
he's done to expand his fan base. He's got new management, 
a fresh outlook and is going to tour in support of this release. 
We have big plans for this record."

Said Jonathan Feavel of Warm & Filled, Terry's management 
company, "We're very much looking forward to a long term relationship 
with Silent Planet. It's great when a record company is not only 
excited about an artist but has committed to realizing a shared 
vision. We're hopeful that this is just the beginning of a mutually 
beneficial relationship. We're looking forward to the ride."

Silent Planet Records is an acoustic/folk based label that strives 
for artistic integrity through intelligent and spiritually 
provocative lyrics. Artists include Terry Taylor, Jan Krist, Phil 
Madeira and John Fischer. Contact Information:

Tony Shore - Silent Planet Records
168 Tamarack Court, Stillwater, MN 55082
Toll Free: (800) 807-1047 ext. 2; 
Phone: (651) 351-0418; 
Fax: (651) 351-1695
Email: drshore@aol.com 
Web: www.silentplanetrecords.com

Warm and Filled Management provides organizational, marketing and 
management services to it's artists, including Terry Taylor, Daniel 
Amos, Michael Roe, The 77's and the Lost Dogs. For additional 
information on Terry Scott Taylor, please contact JT Feavel at:
207 South Fourth Street, Vincennes, IN 47591
Phone: 812.886.9230 
Email: jt@77s.com or feavel@wvc.net