[danews]Terry Taylor "Avocado Faultline"

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Date:  Thu Apr 27, 2000  2:05 pm

Hello DA-fans, 

Terry Taylor is in Nashville right now recording a Children's Record 
with Randy Stonehill and putting the finishing touches on his next 
solo album, "Avocado Faultline". Our friend and Ragamuffin Band 
member, Jimmy Abegg will be providing the album's artwork. 
The tentative release date for the project is in July at the 
Cornerstone festival. 

In the meantime, you can keep an eye on MP3.com in the next couple of 
weeks for a Terry Taylor page that will feature some of the tracks 
from this new CD. 

The Alarma Chronicles "Book Set": 
It will not be a box set, rather a "book set." Alarma!, 
Doppleganger, Vox Humana and Fearful Symmetry will be enclosed in a 5 
1/2" x 5 1/2" hardcover, bound book. The book will contain 
approximately 100 pages of text and pictures including prelude, 
complete Chronicles lyrics, historical notes from Terry, pictures, a 
postscript, etc. At least the 10 center pages will be full color. 
Originally, M8 intended to release the collection on three discs; it 
is possible that it may still be released on four discs. This will be 
a collector's limited edition book; we expect that only 2,000 will 
ever be printed (and that will be the first and only run). 
It's very likely that Terry Taylor will personally sign and number 
each book. 

There are also plans for a "companion" CD set that will include 
demos, out-takes, and other bonus tracks. 

DA Tribute Album: 
We will be driving to North Carolina the first weekend of May (almost 
exactly a year after the project was started) to finish mastering the 
project and hand deliver the tapes to the manufacturer. Artists 
include: Jimmy A, Randy Stonehill, the 77s, Phil Madeira, The Throes, 
Derri Daugherty, David Edwards, Larry Norman, and many more. 
(A final track order and list will be available in mid May.)