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Date:  Thu Apr 13, 2000  6:22 pm

Now available at www.StuntRecords.com: 

1. Terry Taylor and Friends "Ruckus at the Edge of Nowhere" 
(Limited Edition Live CD, recorded at Cornerstone 1997). 
Terry performs classic Daniel Amos and Swirling Eddies 
songs, plus a few selections from his last solo album, 
"John Wayne". The all star band includes Tim Chandler, 
Ed McTaggart and Jerry Chamberlain of Daniel Amos, 
Andy Prickett of Cush, Steve Hindalong and Derri Daugherty 
of the Choir, and the legendary Phil Madeira on keyboards. 
Songs include: Broken Ladders to Glory, Can't Take My Eyes 
off of You, Alarma!, The Glory Road, If You Want To, I'll 
Get Over It, Driving in England, When Everyone Wore Hats, 
You Lay Down, Walls of Doubt, Zoom Daddy, Safety Net, 
Let's Spin!, Ain't Gonna fight It, Buffalo Hills & The
Twist. Available on the Stunt Orderform for $15.00 + shipping

2. Daniel Amos "The Revelation" 
Reissue of the remixed classic Side 2 of "Shotgun Angel", 
plus "Soon!" and narrations by Pastor Chuck Smith. 
Available on the Stunt Orderform for $15.00 + shipping

Other news.... 

DA Tribute album update: 
We are in the final stages of this project... we expect to 
send it off to the manufacturers in a little over 2 weeks, and 
hopefully the disc(s) will be available at DA's show at 
Cornerstone 2000. For those of you that won't be able to 
attend the festival, TrueTunes should have them in stock as 
soon as they go on sale and hopefully the DanielAmos.com 
store will also be open by then.