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"Instruction Through Film," a brand new compilation of concert 
performances, interviews, home movies, oddball oddities and more is now on 
it's way to the manufacturer. In case you'd like to get your order in 
early, we have also made it available in the Daniel Amos Webstore. Note: 
This is NOT a preorder. The title is finished and will start to be 
manufactured in the next couple of days. (Expect shipping to begin in 2-3 
weeks). We will ship orders in the order in which they are received... so, 
those that order early will be shipped first.

This DVD includes many never-before-seen treasures from DA's long history, 
including performances in the early Calvary Chapel days, interviews, music 
festival performances, home movies of band rehearsals and road trips, Album 
cover photo sessions, promotional films, clips from rare short films and 
more. Songs include: I Believe In You, 'Aint Gonna Fight It, Happily 
Married Man, Black Gold Fever, Walls of Doubt, Darn Floor - Big Bite, Real 
Girls, New Car!, Sanctuary, I Didn't Build It For Me and more!

The DVD is "region free," and should play on any DVD player.


As you've already heard, the Eddies have been in the studio.. those of you 
that have preordered have been treated to a special preview track entitled 
"Giants in the Land." (If you preordered and did not receive this preview, 
send us a note at audiori@danielamos.com) Preorderers have also been able 
to spend some quality time on the DA message board with Camarillo Eddy. 
Keep watching the "Swirling Eddies Secret Funhouse" and all of your wildest 
dreams will come true. Note: If you have not yet preordered, there is still 
time to get in on the fun. Any order made at this time will still be 
considered a preorder.


As always, thank you for your continued support of Terry Taylor, The Lost
Dogs, Daniel Amos, and the Swirling Eddies
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