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We recently sent out a large announcement on the upcoming Lost Dogs tour, 
Island Dreams, the Making of Buechner's DVD, Catscratch, etc. Hopefully 
you're already making plans to attend at least one of the shows - please 
keep an eye on the official Lost Dogs website for up-to-date tour info as 
it comes in ( http://www.TheLostDogs.com )

We wanted to bring you some additional info on the June 26th show.. don't 
hesistate to write to reserve your seat if you plan to make the trip.

This is going to be a special limited seating concert. It's a house 
concert, but it's a concert that will take place in a home project 
studio/rehearsal space in the basement of the home. The concert will be 
recorded and filmed for a possible future live DVD release through 
Lo-Fidelity and the Lost Dogs. There are only 25 seats available for this 
special concert, so you will need to reserve your spot asap by emailing me 
and reserving your seats. (Please only reserve seats if you actually intend 
to show up!) Once your seat is reserved you will receive confirmation 
within 48 hours and further information about the show....(show address, 
etc.) Hope you can make it....let me know if I can reserve you a seat (or 

The Lost Dogs
Sunday, June 26, 2005
East Troy WI.
Doors 6pm, Show 6:30
Tickets: $20 (by reservation only, only 25 seats available, all proceeds go 
to the band.)
show contact: jeffrey k. jeffrey@lo-fidelity.com

See ya on the road!