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We hope to announce a ship date very soon. For those of you that have not 
been following the updates on the DA message board, let me first give a 
brief rundown of what all has happened with this project since we began 
taking preorders. First, we had originally planned the project as just a 
small collection of some of Terry's early pre-DA demos. As that project was 
being compiled, the idea came up for starting a Deluxe reissue series with 
the goal of getting as many of the old titles back in print as possible. We 
then decided to shift the "demos" project into being the first release of 
this reissue series, by adding on a disc containing the first self-titled 
DA album. This made perfect sense considering the time period of the 
unreleased material, and also allowed us to give preorderers something 
extra for their money. When this was nearly complete, some additional 
masters were discovered that had not been heard for nearly 30 years. No one 
was exactly sure what would be found on these tapes, but we decided to have 
them restored and see if there was anything that could be usable for this 
project. Due to the age and condition of the tapes, it took quite a bit of 
time for these tapes to be properly restored but it was worth it. We did 
find some things that will be on this release as well as enough material 
for a separate collection that is now in the early planning stages. Then as 
Terry was writing his liner notes for this project, the idea came up for 
him to instead record an in-depth interview detailing the history of DA and 
much of the music found on this collection. Terry just recently finished 
the interview and we ended up with more material than we could fit on the 
bonus disc. So, for the last couple of weeks, we have been attempting to 
edit the interview down to something that will fit on the bonus disc 
without removing any of the planned musical content. Any interview segments 
that are left unused will be made available for you to download from the 
website. We should be sending this project to the manufacturer very, very 
soon. We thank you for your patience and understanding. We definitely think 
you will enjoy the finished product.

The next reissue is already being discussed and should also be very 
exciting. Since most of the delays of this current project have been 
because of the change in focus from a simple rarities collection to a 
deluxe reissue, future reissues should not see the same kinds of lengthy 
delays. The other major delay with this current reissue is the quality of 
some of the early unreleased material. for later reissues, we'll be dealing 
primarily with studio recordings so it should be much easier to put 


We believe we are nearing the final stages of this project as well. After 
viewing the last rough edit, the band only had a few minor changes to make. 
In the next week or two, we will be putting together what we hope to be a 
final edit for them to look over. This should be a DVD that every DA fan 
will enjoy. It will give you a rare glimpse into the songwriting, the 
rehearsals and the studio as DA creates the album that many fans consider 
to be their best yet. The DVD will have several bonus features and other 
surprises as well... more details on those later. (Visit the DA message 
board's "Upcoming releases" section for several screen shots and other 
information about this and other releases)

Note: For those of you that are unsure, we have not taken preorders for 
this project. We are hoping to be able to release this DVD without the need 
for preorders. If we do in fact have to use preorders to finish it, we will 
wait until everything is complete and ready to manufacture before a single 
preorder is taken.


As many of you already know, some minor work has already begun on this 
project. We did however expect everything to be farther along by now, but 
other commitments have slowed progress down. The main delay has been a 
soundtrack project that Terry and Rob Watson are involved in for the 
Nickelodeon network. It is an animated Douglas TenNapel creation entitled 
"Catscratch" (we will of course send you the air dates as soon as we have 
them). Originally, Nick just asked for a few episodes but after seeing the 
finished product decided to order a bunch of extra episodes. This is of 
course great news for everyone involved in the Nick project, but it does 
mean that studio work on the new Eddies record has been pushed back for a 
while. Doug recently had this to say about Terry's work on Catscratch: "I 
got to hear Terry's score for the first Episode of Catscratch and I howled 
laughing. It's the best animation music since Carl Stalling. When we played 
a few cuts in my office, people came out of their cubes to come hear the 

As always, please do not hesitate to write if you have questions about the 
preorders. We try to keep everyone up to date on the message board or the 
news pages, but we realize that some of you probably are not able to keep 
up with them at times. Please remember that not a week goes by where 
progress on these projects is not made. But, if you still need to hear 
something more up to date, please write us at audiori@danielamos.com and we 
will send you an update when time permits. (Please don't get worried if you 
don't hear from us right away, we are often swamped with work and email, so 
it may take us a while to get back to everyone.) Also, you can always ask a 
question in the "Upcoming Releases" section on the DA message board for a 
quick response.


Mark your Calendars! The Lost Dogs will be returning to the Cornerstone 
Festival this July 1st, followed by a rare performance from the Choir.

As always, thank you for your continued support of Terry Taylor, The Lost 
Dogs, Daniel Amos, the Swirling Eddies and www.DanielAmos.com