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For those of you who will be in the Northwest this Holiday
season, Terry is performing several Christmas shows next
week with Michael Roe and Theo Obrastoff.

12/10 - Beaverton, OR (Portland area)
Christmas Tour with Michael Roe, Blake Carter,
and Theo Obrastoff
Oak Hills Church, 2800 NW 153rd Ave
Doors open at 7pm
Showtime is 7:30pm
Admission: $10 at the door
For additional information, contact 503-645-2245

12/11 - Bellingham, WA
Sterling Drive Church, 358 Sterling Drive
Christmas Tour with Michael Roe and Theo Obrastoff
Admission: $10, $5 for ages 12 & under
Showtime is 7pm
Benefit for Andy's Angels (www.andysangels.org)
For Advance Tix visit www.andysangelsrecords.org

12/12 - Eugene, OR
Café Paradiso, 115 W Broadway
Christmas Tour with Michael Roe and Theo Obrastoff
Showtime is 7:30pm
21+ show
Admission: $20 in advance, $25 at the door
For more info or advance tix, contact: lamiller@uoregon.edu
Tickets can also be purchased at www.DanielAmos.com,
directly from the promoter through PayPal!


Back by popular demand! The 2 CD compilation of music
composed and performed by Terry Taylor for the DreamWorks
video game projects The Neverhood and Skullmonkeys will
be rereleased this Christmas season. The reissue will include
brand new artwork by game creator Doug TenNapel, 10
pages of brand new liner notes by Taylor and other surprises
supplied by TenNapel.

Note: Due to a few minor last minute delays, we are sending
the project to the printer a little later than we had hoped. This
means that we will probably have it in hand just a matter of days
before or after Christmas. If we begin to take orders for this
project before Christmas, we unfortunately cannot guarantee
that you will receive it in time for you to give it to a loved one
as a Christmas gift. We will do everything we can to try to make
that possible, but time is definitely not on our side.


For those of you that have not been watching the "upcoming
releases" forum on the message board.. due to some delays
while restoring some of the nearly 30 year old masters, this
project is obviously behind schedule. We want to thank you
all for your support of this project and your continued patience.
We can report to you that the last tape was finally fully restored
and is in our hands. In the coming days, we will be finalizing
the bonus disc track list and hopefully even recording some new
material for the project. We will probably go to the manufacturer
on this one very soon. Terry is currently tied up with a new
soundtrack project and will be finishing work on this project as
time permits.

This will be the first in a series of what we hope to be a reissue
of the entire DA back catalog. Although we have no idea how
long it will take to get all of these titles back in print, we do not
expect each release to take this long to complete. For a number
reasons, including the expensive restoration of the early masters,
this first album will probably prove to be the most difficult to
put together. Another significant delay was the switch from a
simple release of early demos to the deluxe 2 CD reissue of the
first album after sales had begun. For future releases, we will finish
restoration of the masters before sales are taken whenever possible.
The only exception will be if we need to use preorder money to
pay for the restoration process.


We had of course originally hoped to have this one ready this last
summer. As most of you probably are aware, it was discovered
around that time that we were not working with all of the footage
that the band filmed while making the album. For that reason, we
are behind on schedule on this one as well, but thankfully, after
months of searching, the missing tape was finally located and editing
resumed. We're currently expecting to have something finished by
early '05. No estimate at this on when orders will begin to taken for
this release.


As mentioned above, Terry is currently wrapped up with a new
soundtrack project for Nickelodeon (air date and other details
will be announced as soon as they are available). Although that
project has kept him busy, Camarillo has been able to meet up
with an Eddie or two to work on a few rough ideas. The full
production budget is still not in place, but many of these other
new releases are helping.

Terry, Tim, Greg and Ed recently stopped by the DA Message
board for a little chat with the regulars. If you missed it, you can
still read the full text on the board (as well as the chat from last

As always, continue to watch the message board, the news page
and the store page for updates on all of these titles. (The message
board generally has the more frequent day-to-day updates. Although
you have to be registered to post on the board, you can still read
most of the forums if you are not a member). Feel free to write
with any questions at any time (audiori@danielamos.com)

Have a Merry Christmas,
Everyone at www.DanielAmos.com