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October 22, 2001 -- The now almost omnipresent Terry Scott Taylor 
pulls another trick from his sleeve, a multiple artist collaborative 
recording designed to raise funds and awareness for cystic fibrosis 
research and a hopeful cure. Taylor has recently garnered attention 
for his production of the new Starflyer 59 album, "Leave Here a 
Stranger," his production and songwriting for the Lost Dogs' newest 
release, "Real Men Cry," his involvement in the LEGENDS tour 
collaboration (Randy Stonehill, Sweet Comfort Band, Daniel Amos and 
the 77's), Daniel Amos' new epic, "Mr. Buechner's Dream," and a host 
of other recording, songwriting and journalistic endeavors. He seems 
to be everywhere these days! "I want to stay busy; to keep involved 
in as many projects as I can," relates Taylor in a recent telephone 
interview. "At this point in my life I feel that the Lord has 
brought me to a place where I perhaps have more to say and more to 
offer than ever before. So much has happened in my personal life 
this past year that it has really brought forth a newfound creative 
energy and drive."

"Come As a Child or Not at All," a multiple artist collaborative 
effort is being spearheaded by Taylor, Andy's Angel Records, Warm & 
Filled and Galaxy 21 Music, each playing a distinctive role in a 
distinctive project. Taylor describes the album as, "an album about 
children, but not necessarily for children." All profits are to be 
donated to local and national cystic fibrosis research agencies and 
educational efforts. In mid-April, 2001, Taylor received a phone 
call placed on behalf of Theo and Andy Obrastoff, a Seattle father 
and son. Very much akin to a "Make a Wish" call, Andy, fighting his 
last bout with a life-long and crippling cystic fibrosis, asked his 
father if Taylor would come sing for him. The Obrastoffs were 
longtime Terry Taylor fans. In a whirlwind rush of activity, Taylor 
made the melancholy journey to Seattle to meet a grieving father and 
to sing for a dying son. The lives of all involved were changed. 
That was Andy's way. Recounts Taylor, "I felt wholly inadequate to 
the task at hand; and I was." Andy Obrastoff entered the arms of 
Jesus on May 5, 2001. Those astute fans who have perused the liner 
notes of "Mr.Buechner's Dream" will recall Terry's memorial to the 
young Obrastoff.

Terry Taylor then received a second communication from Andy's father, 
Theo. "I suppose a varied amount of outcomes might have transpired," 
Theo mentioned. "I began by wishing to honor the memory of my son. 
I thought that, as a musician, I might do an album of songs I'd 
written for him, but it had to be really good and I wanted the fruit 
of my labor to benefit Cystic Fibrosis Research. God had brought 
Terry Taylor into the life of my family. He came to Andrew in his 
last days to sing and pray--to exercise his God-given ministry over 
my son. That changed a great deal of things for us." "I asked who 
Terry used for a producer. To whom should I turn? He said, 
simply, 'me'." "Come As a Child or Not at All" and Andy's Angels 
Records were born from those seeds of sorrow and honor.

Presently, Taylor is writing new material, reworking some older tunes 
(specifically from his earlier solo albums on grief and 
loss, "Knowledge and Innocence," and "A Briefing for the Ascent") and 
recording vocalists and musicians. Through much thought and prayer 
an album outline was birthed where artists such as Theo, Taylor, the 
77's, Lost Dogs, Starflyer 59, Cush, the Choir, Daniel Amos, Phil 
Madeira, Randy Stonehill and many, many others record both new and 
reworked Taylor tunes. Additionally, original collaborative songs 
written by Theo Obrastoff and Taylor will be included. All involved 
are also seeking contributions from artists of national renown. "I'm 
hopeful that many well known artists and musicians will catch the 
vision of this project and offer their assistance. This is a very 
unique and very important opportunity," Terry relates.

Says Obrastoff, "This thing, this vision of mine isn't mine anymore. 
That's how it always was with Andrew too. From the first, I gave him 
up to God." A proud father recalls, "Andrew was so wonderful. 
That's the way of it with this project. Andrew's legacy keeps 
touching people and this project has 'taken on a life of God's own'. 
And no wonder, Andrew allowed God to fill him and lead him all the 
way back to the embraces of the Father."

"Come As a Child or Not at All" will not only be an album, but also a 
live show. Jonathan Feavel, of Warm & Filled Artist Management, the 
project director of the album, envisions, "an ever changing live show 
where any of the album participants are welcome to play at any time. 
The line-up will change, the venues played will change, and the set 
list may change, but we'll see the artists involved in this project 
touring the country together to support the project, to increase 
awareness regarding cystic fibrosis, to raise research funds and to 
honor the life of Andy and all others stricken with cystic 
fibrosis." "It will be a multimedia event with a short film on the 
life, joy and impact of Andy Obrastoff and a brief education on CF 
research. We anticipate that both regional and national cystic 
fibrosis foundations will lend their aid to the cause and that many, 
many lives will be touched by Andy's testimony."

That short film may also find its way on to the "Come As a Child or 
Not at All" disc. Dan Michaels and Galaxy 21 Music will distribute 
the recording. "Much like the Gene Eugene tribute album with 
interactive disc, the "Come As a Child" recording will be much more 
than just music. It will be music, film, testimonials, interviews 
and more. As others have mentioned, this is a very special 
project." "We do expect to release radio singles and we will service 
radio with the project. It's our joint goal to make a tremendous 
impact with this album -- a spiritual and educational impact. The 
real goal of the album will be to glorify Christ through our 
relationships and to move one another to act in a Christ-like manner 
toward one another, especially unto, 'the least of these.'"

For developing details, please keep an eye on 
http://www.andysangels.org, http://www.warmandfilled.com, and 
http://www.danielamos.com. The early summer 2002 release is expected 
to coincide with the Cornerstone Music Festival where we are hoping 
that the "Come As a Child or Not at All" live show will play on a 
late night stage.


10/30/2001 - Wheaton IL Wheaton Evangelical Free Church
10/31/2001 - Livonia, MI Trinity House Theatre
11/1/2001 - Indianapolis, IN Radio, Radio Club 
11/2/2001 - Sullivan, IN Historic Sherman House Theatre
11/3/2001 - St Louis, MO Christ Church, UCC
11/4/2001 - Owensboro, KY Macedonia Baptist Church
11/5/2001 - Lexington, KY Asbury College
11/6/2001 -- Atlanta, GA The IF Coffee House
11/7/2001 - Franklin, TN Franklin Merchantile
Limited Seating show. Tickets available *EXCLUSIVELY* at 

All dates subject to change. Visit http://www.TheLostDogs.org for 

For questions, comments or to offer either financial or other 
support, please contact:

Jonathan T. Feavel
Attorney at Law (and)
Warm & Filled Artist Management
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