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From:  audiori@DanielAmos.com 
Date:  Fri Dec 22, 2000  3:04 am



Merry Christmas! I trust this note finds you and yours well and 
enjoying the holiday season with loved ones near and far. Like 
yourself, we are looking forward to all of the new opportunities and 
challenges of the new year. As we reflect on the events of 2000, we 
become increasingly more thankful that you have worked together with 
us to make the year one which neither we, nor our artists, will 
forget. It has been a banner year and we enter the new year with 
excitement,expecting great things for Mike, the 77's, Terry, DA, the 
Dogs, SpinAround and Phil Madeira. Again, you deserve our most 
sincere thanks for all that you have enabled us to accomplish this 

I wish also to take this opportunity to announce the 2001 tour 
schedules for the Warm & Filled family of artists. Our desire is to 
provide each promoter with as much lead time as possible so that 
finances, venues, promotion and related matters may all be secured 
weeks and months in advance of any particular performance. Will 
certain tours may not take place for many months, please know that 
even the October and November, 2001 tours will begin to book as we 
enter the New Year. If you or anyone you know is interested in 
promoting a show, please contact JT Feavel to reserve a date and to 
discuss tour specifics. Of course, each artist is also open for the 
sporadic fly date; however, the tours are announced herein. If 
interested in promoting a show, please request information as soon as 
possible as we wish for the additional lead time to benefit the 
promoter, the fan and the artist. That said, here are the 2001 tour 

MICHAEL ROE (with Very Special Guests Mark Harmon, David Leonhardt, 
Phil Madeira, Terry Scott Taylor and Derri Daugherty):

March 22, 2000 through April 14, 2001. Roe will tour solo and also 
with the guests listed above. Promoters may state a preference for a 
certain guest. Roe will be showcasing new material from a 
forthcoming solo project as well as new blues material he and Phil 
Madeira are recording. Fly dates also available.

THE 77's:

Summer festivals posted on www.77s.com. Also November 8 through 
November 18, 2001. The 77's will be touring in support of "A Golden 
Field of Radioactive Crows." Fly dates are also available.

TERRY SCOTT TAYLOR (with Very Special Guests Phil Madeira, Michael 
Roe, Derri Daugherty and others):

April 5 through April 15, 2001. Terry will showcase material from a 
forthcoming solo project and may also introduce music from the Lost 
Dogs' 2001 BEC Records release. Fly dates also available.


Summer festivals posted on www.danielamos.com. Daniel Amos will play 
selected festivals in support of their upcoming 2001 release.


Summer festivals posted on www.77s.com and www.danielamos.com. Also, 
October 11 through October 28, 2001. The Lost Dogs will tour in 
support of their upcoming 2001 BEC Recordings release. Fly dates are 


SpinAround is the newest member of the Warm & Filled family of 
artists. More information can be found at www.warmandfilled.com. 
SpinAround has been signed to a long term contract with Pamplin Music 
and will tour extensively throughout the year. We anticipate 125+ 
show dates. SpinAround offers a fresh, new pop/rock sound which 
incorporates funk, hip-hop and rap elements. They were a huge hit at 
this year's Youthfest and provide a welcome alternative to much of 
today's bland, lifeless CCM pop. SpinAround will play selected 
festivals and may also play "Acquire the Fire" dates. Tour and fly 
dates are available at a reasonable rate (which is sure to increase 
after the release of their first national album in April 2001). As 
with all our artists, promotional packages are available.


Phil will perform selected dates with Michael Roe, Terry Taylor and 
may also accompany the Lost Dogs on their fall 2001 tour. Additional 
dates and a short tour are now being discussed. Updates will soon be 
available at www.philmadeira.com. 

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you who continue to 
support our fine family of artists. Thank you for an unforgettable 
year. I look forward to what we can do together in 2001. As is 
customary, we continue to pledge and promise more shows, more new 
music and greater accessibility to your favorite artists.

For the Family,

Jonathan T. Feavel
Attorney At Law and
Warm & Filled Artist Management
325 Busseron Street
Vincennes, IN 47591
jt@77s.com or feavel@wvc.net