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From:  "DanielAmos.com" <audiori@danielamos.com> 
Date:  Wed Mar 22, 2000  6:46 pm
Subject:  [danews] Gene Eugene

I hate to start things off on a sad note, 
but I know that there are a few on this list 
that haven't heard the news. 

This last Sunday night, Lost Dog/Swirling Eddie 
Gene "Eugene" Andrusco passed away in his sleep 
at the Green Room in Huntington Beach. 
Doctors suspect the cause to either be Heart attack 
or brain aneurysm. Gene was 39 years old. 

In addition to his work with the Dogs and the Eddies, 
Gene was childhood actor appearing in a number of 
TV shows and movies including "Bewitched", has produced 
over 100 albums (around 70 for Tooth and Nail alone), 
and was the lead singer for Adam Again. Needless to 
say, Gene's death will have a great impact on the 
music industry and all of those that knew him. 

Please keep the remaining Dogs (Terry Taylor, Mike Roe 
and Derri Daugherty), the rest of Adam Again, 
Riki Michele, and the rest of Gene's family, friends 
and fans in your prayers. This is a very difficult time 
for all of them. 

We have placed links to some website tributes on 
the main page of DanielAmos.com - be sure to check those 
out. Also feel free to post your comments in the DA 
message board, and the BEC memorial guestbook.